The hottest hospitality management programs that the leading schools are offering

When it comes to choosing a hospitality management school to get enrolled, it is also imperative to check the different courses that the institutions are offering. This this because pursuing the right management programs can give you a road map to reach the pinnacle of your career milestone. So what are the different courses that the top colleges are offering these days? Take a look.

Purdue University, College of Health and Human Sciences, Hospitality & Tourism Management Unit

The hospitality management programs offered in this School is considered as one of the best of its kind. The programs include an internship program of 400 hours. It is also backed by two state of the art instructional labs which provide additional aid to students.  The college offers an undergraduate program in hospitality and tourism management, where students are provided with hands-on experience to work in every facet in the industry. This includes lodging, foodservice, airlines, corporate travel management, cruise lines, destination management, event planning. To enroll in the MS course in Hospitality and management, students are required to complete a minimum of thirty-six credit hours of graduate coursework, and either a professional paper or a thesis.

University of Houston, Conrad N. Hilton College

The school has earned a name for its experimental learning programs. The bachelor’s degree in hotel and management that the college offers are well tailored to meet job-oriented trends. The college also offers study abroad courses, as well as domestic and international internships. Students are also given a chance to take part in the Leadership Program at the Hilton University, Houston.  If you want to learn in details about the different courses offered, make sure that you visit the university website.

Do a little bit of research before you join any school to study hospitality. Choose a course that suits your job preference best.

A New Career Option – Medical Assistants

The healthcare industry is witnessing a boom and the allied businesses are also on a roll. Some new careers have sprung up as offshoots from the healthcare industry, one of them being medical assistants. Medical assistants as the name suggests assists the doctors in their routine examinations of the patients and helps out in the administrative operations of the healthcare facility as well. More and more healthcare facilities are resorting to medical assistants for the smooth operations of their facilities. Those who are keen in the healthcare industry yet missed the opportunity to become a doctor, here is an excellent chance.

Training schools

Since this is a specialized job, it requires categorical training. There are a lot of schools for medical assistants. You can select one from your locality. Kaplan University, Harrison College, Rasmussen College are few colleges offering medical assistant jobs. The colleges offer a degree course wherein they teach nutrition, physiology, anatomy, various medicines and a bit of psychology as well. Apart from this, they are also taught administrative jobs. The medical assistants help out in giving preliminary medical aids like monitoring the vital signs of the patients, preparing the patient for routine examination, nursing the wounds.

Career Prospects

The career prospect of medical assistants is bright. The schools for medical assistants give you a holistic training and they are ready to handle any situations. As more and more healthcare facilities are cropping up, the need for medical assistants is also rising. Medical assistants can find employment in chiropractor’s office, healthcare facility, urgent clinic, doctor’s chamber and so on. As there are so many healthcare facilities, there is a huge potential in this career. They even earn a decent living. Thus if you have a keen interest in healthcare with an administrative bent, this is the career for you.